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Social Awareness policy

At Promo Store we take great pride in the standards we up hold for all our personnel. Many of our promotional items are manufactured in the Far East, where one hears horror stories of sweat shops and generally poor working conditions. By regularly vetting our suppliers, we can ensure that our high standards are always maintained across the world. We keep in close contact with all branches of production, to make sure all our employees are treated fairly and with respect.

We Say NO to Forced Labour

No one who is involved in the production of our promotional items, has been imprisoned or has been forced to work. This also means that no personnel have had to lodge, “deposits” or identity papers when commencing work.

We Say NO to Child Labour

No child labour goes into producing our promotional products. We do not employ any person of the age where they are required to be in compulsory education. Our suppliers are all thoroughly checked and re-checked, to make sure that no children work in our factories.

We Say NO to Harassment

Harassment is not tolerated at any stage of the design, production and distribution process. All of our employees are treated with dignity and respect, and do not suffer from unethical disciplinary practices such as threats or violence. This includes any form of psychological, verbal or sexual harassment.

We Say YES to Equal Employment Opportunities for All

All of our employees are judged upon the individual’s ability to do their job, and not on any personal characteristics. Our employees work in an environment that is free of discrimination and harassment on the grounds of; race, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion or disability. Our suppliers also do not interfere with individual rights to observe tenets or practises, such as religious beliefs.

We Say YES to Compensation

We fairly compensate our employees by complying with all applicable laws, such as minimum wage laws and any other relevant regulation.

We Say YES to Health & Safety

We always maintain a safe, clean and healthy environment for our employees, which are in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Our suppliers provide adequate; medical facilities, clean restrooms, portable water, good lighting, ventilation and protection from hazardous materials.

All our facilities be it factories, offices or housing either matches or exceeds local laws for health & safety. All safety measures are met including; fire protection, emergency exits and first aid supplies.

We Say YES to Freedom of Association

We respect the right of all personnel to form and join trade unions of their choice. Where the rights of freedom of association are restricted by local law, we make sure our suppliers facilitate parallel means for independent and free association for all.