Bringing a little bit of nature to your desk top improves health

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Bringing a little bit of nature to your desk top improves health

Posted 14 December 2011 by Inder Brar

The Daily Mail reported that there has been new research done, which indicates that plants in the office are good for the health of the staff. The study has shown that placing more plants around the workplace can help to alleviate stress, as well as reduce the likelihood of ailments such as colds and dry, sore throats.

Aside from the benefits cited in this research, there are many other advantages to creating a ‘greener’ office space. Plants help to absorb the carbon dioxide from the air, and release fresh oxygen, making it easier to breathe. Having enough oxygen in the air is essential for staying focused and alert. Plants can also absorb electromagnetic emissions which come from office equipment such as photocopiers, printers and computers. These emissions can cause things like headache and fatigue.

One of the benefits of office plants, mentioned in the Daily Mail article includes a reduction in dry throats. This is because plants actually increase the amount of moisture present in the air. It is common for offices to be quite warm, stuffy and dry, due to the use of air conditioning, so placing some plants around the workplace can help to counteract this effect. Numerous studies have shown that those working in a more natural environment experience less stress. Happier employees perform better and so it makes sense to invest in some plants for the office space.

When it comes to selecting plants for the office, it is important to choose wisely, as not all plants can survive in the office, where there is often a lack of natural light. So it’s best to avoid any plant species which require direct sunlight. Go for shade loving or low-light varieties, as these are more likely to thrive in an enclosed space.

Plants which need to be watered frequently should also be avoided. Choose a variety which requires little to no maintenance. It can also be helpful for the employer to create a rota for watering the plants each week.

For those who don’t have the space or the time to care for larger plants throughout the office, then there are some other options available. The Desktop Garden is a fun way to add some colour and life to a desk and requires very little care. These little plants will ensure that employees get some fresh air, even if they’re at their desk all day.