Customer loyalty; what’s the secret ingredient?

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Customer loyalty; what’s the secret ingredient?

Posted 17 January 2012 by Inder Brar

An article on Freshbusinessthinking has recently declared that customer confidence in business has been dropped at a rather alarming rate in the New Year. This doesn’t bode well for businesses in the coming months; however there are some tried and tested methods of retaining customers and creating a sense of confidence and loyalty in relation to your business.

It goes without saying that the best way to ensure growth and success in the business world is through the creation of a loyal customer base. The customers who return time and time again because they know your business is professional, reliable and trustworthy.

Regardless of the product or service that your company sells, customers should always be a top priority. Word spreads quickly and with good customer service being such as rarity these days, it makes sense to be as helpful as possible towards your customers.

Creating a loyal customer base is easier said than done, however one very effective method is to keep in touch with past customers, although not to the point of irritation of course! A monthly newsletter with special offers can do wonders for creating returning customers.

Remember that going the extra mile for a customer will come back to you; when customers experience excellent or poor service, they talk about it. Referrals will begin to pour in if customers know that your company are willing to do your very best to provide an outstanding product or service.

Another point to keep in mind is that loyalty on the part of the customer should be rewarded; many companies today now have loyalty schemes set up, which make customers feel appreciated. If you have customers who have made several purchases, then consider offering them a discount on their next buy. Another option is to offer a free gift with a certain amount of purchases; this will act as an incentive, encouraging customers to return to your business many times over.

Getting to know your customers is an excellent way to create a loyal and profitable customer base. Creating a professional but friendly relationship with customers will ensure that your company sticks out in their mind when they need to make another purchase. Free personalised pens or notebooks are a simple and inexpensive gesture which will let customers know that you are appreciative of the business they provide you with.