Diamonds are forever; a showcase of Royalty’s finest riches

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Diamonds are forever; a showcase of Royalty’s finest riches

Posted 10 January 2012 by Inder Brar

In celebration of the Diamond Jubilee this year, Buckingham Palace will be holding a very fitting diamond exhibition. This collection of Royal diamonds will be displayed for two months and will showcase the Monarchy’s stunning collection which has been created over the past two centuries.

Some of the key pieces which will be on display to visitors include the Queen’s own earrings and necklace, which she wore during her coronation in the year 1953.

One of the most exquisite, and elaborate pieces in the collection will be the Queen’s personal crown; this stunning head piece contains over a thousand diamonds.

Another notable diamond piece in the collection will be the Tiara known as the Girls of Great Britain Tiara; this was worn by Her Majesty during a banquet in 2011 and was originally given to Prince Victoria Mary, the grandmother of the Queen, as a wedding present.

The collet necklace, created in the mid 19th century for Queen Victoria, will be showcased during the exhibition as well; this is made up of a pendant with 22 carats attached to a cluster of 25 diamonds.

Many of the above mentioned pieces in the collection have been altered or transformed throughout the years, having been placed in new settings or re-cut, depending on what the owner at the time preferred. The tickets for the exhibition will cost visitors about £18.

Aside from the diamond collection, the exhibition will also include a number of rare historical objects which showcase how the diamonds were used in various countries in the past; one example of this would be the bloodstone box which was created for King Frederick of Prussia in the 18th Century. This incredible piece of craftsmanship is made up of 3,000 diamonds which are shaped into musical instruments, flowers and insects on the box.

Part of the exhibition in the Palace will be going on tour; there are to be sixty photographs of Her Majesty, dating from each of the last six decades. These will be displayed in Windsor Castle in 2013, as one of the final celebratory events of the Diamond Jubilee.