Flexible hours and portable promotional gadgets for enhanced productivity.

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Flexible hours for enhanced productivity.

Posted 9 January 2012 by Inder Brar

With the rise of technology, it would seem that the modern workplace would be one with a flexible approach which allows employees to complete their day-today tasks remotely as well as in the office. However, according to new research, this is not the case in many workplaces, despite the fact that such flexibility has been shown to improve productivity without costing business owners a fortune.

O2 conducted two studies, and discovered that 27% of employees are under the impression that their work performance is based on the amount of time spent inside the office, as opposed to the actual work that they produce. In the second study, which examined businesses which allowed for more flexible working hours, it was found that almost half of the respondents, 39%, found that productivity was boosted by this approach, with a further 43% stating that this method helped them to keep their employees for longer. * Based on these findings, it seems that modern business owners who want to boost the efficiency of their employees, need to be more open-minded in terms of what constitutes a ‘real’ work day. The standard 9-5 may not be suitable for every employee, but this does not mean that they cannot add value to the business, through the use of a more flexible working schedule.

For business owners who want to initiate this approach, promotional merchandise such as printed flashdrives can be a simple and cost-effective way to begin. Given to employees, these devices will ensure that they can carry their work data with them, wherever they are, allowing for more flexibility in terms of where they choose to work. Of course, these little gadgets, when printed with your company’s name and logo, will also ensure that your business gets noticed. And so, for very little money, business owners can begin to increase the productivity levels of their employees, as well as improve the visibility of their company.

When it comes to using promotional gadgets for flexible working locations, portability and practicality are the two key elements to bear in mind. Any item chosen for this purpose should be lightweight, pocket-sized and preferably multi-functional. So many people today carry their laptops, phones and other devices with them as they travel; these items allow employees to work when they’re on the move. So a product such as a portable charger, which comes with adaptors for various gadgets, is a great item for business owners to give to their employees; it ensures that wherever they happen to be, they can still connect with the office and get their work finished.