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Posted 30 November 2010 by Inder Brar

Here at Promo Store we take the upmost pride in our customer service. Every one of our clients receives our professional advice:

1. We spend time talking to our customers to find out all about their business, industry and marketplace.

2. We help our clients with a workable and realistic budget to stick to.

3. Together we can establish a theme, giving your business’s an identity, ensuring all the elements such as the graphics, printed materials, products and packaging are consistent and work well together.

4. Thinking of other media? Consider other options to work with your promotional products like a PPC campaign.

5. Plan how the products will be distributed. Some products are too expensive or are
just not practical to mail out. Jeffrey Pollock the promotional products columnist said; “I had a customer who wanted to send chocolate spoons. To keep the spoon from melting, the packaging was going to cost three times as much as the spoon.”

6. Once your promotional gifts have been sent, we are still here for you too analysis how things went.