Moving on up during your lunch break

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Moving on up during your lunch break

Posted 9 December 2011 by Inder Brar

Nowadays, virtually everyone knows that exercise is not only beneficial, but essential. It can help with weight loss, as well as reducing stress levels, increasing energy levels and improving flexibility. Just this month, the Daily Record have spoken about the incredible benefits of walking, which is one of the simplest and easiest exercises around. The research shows that walking can help to slow down cognitive decline, proving that exercise is not just great for the body, but the mind too.

The problem is that so many of us today lead hectic lives which make incorporating exercise a serious challenge. Many people are too rushed in the mornings to fit in a work out, and too exhausted in the evenings to do anything but sit in front of the television. The solution to this dilemma is catching on quickly; working out during a lunch break. Strange though it may sound, combining lunch and fitness is a highly effective way to integrate exercise into a hectic lifestyle. Of course, it does require more planning than a workout on your day off, but it is simply a case of getting into a routine. Many professionals like to do this every second day, as this prevents them from burning out or getting bored.

The key thing to remember during a lunch time workout session is intensity; because the duration of the workout will be quite short, it’s important to make the most of time available. So whether it’s a 20 minute power walk or 30 minutes spent lifting weights, it’s essential to put plenty of effort into the routine. Studies have shown that a 15 minute workout can have the same benefits as a 60 minute workout, provided the intensity levels are significantly higher.

One of the great benefits of a lunch time workout is that people return to the office feeling energised, refreshed and more focused. This is good news for both the staff and the employer, so it makes sense for business owners to encourage this healthy habit. One way to do this is this is to give employees some promotional sports bags as gifts; these items will allow them to carry their gym clothes easily to and from work. Another item which could make a great gift for employees would be reusable water bottles; staying hydrated during a workout is essential, and these products are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable water bottles.