Online reputation; a key factor in recruiting the best for the job

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Online reputation; a key factor in recruiting the best for the job

Posted 23 January 2012 by Inder Brar

In Business2community, an article discussed the significant impact one’s online reputation has on recruiting employees. Most job seekers today will do their research on a potential employer online and so building an online presence which will meet expectations is essential for attracting the best employees.

Technology has become a major aspect of almost everyone’s working life, with the internet playing a huge role in how we conduct business on a daily basis. Monitoring the reputation of a business is essential and maintaining a positive and professional online presence has become a very important part of every business owner’s life. Building strong networks and a brand which stands out are both critical and so many business owners are now employing people specifically to handle their online reputation building needs. There are a number of roles which such an employee needs to fill and if budget allows, it is best to hire more than one employee for this job.

One person which every business should have, if they are concerned about their online presence, is an online spokesperson. This allows the CEO of the company to spend more of their time on the day to day running of the business, knowing that there is someone who will speak for the company, should any problems or questions arise online. An internet spokesperson would usually be in charge of social media management.

Another role for an online reputation manager would be that of the supporter, which would essentially be a faster, more easily accessible version of a customer service representative. This person could handle any product-specific queries quickly and easily. Many people today who are not happy with a service they have received from a company often complain on their social media accounts and word can spread all too quickly. This is why an online support employee can be very beneficial for a business’s reputation online. Remember that dealing with a complaint quickly and perhaps throwing in a free company gift, can do wonders for creating a more positive company image on the internet.

For keeping track of online commentary on one’s company, another employee could be hired. This role involves keeping an eye on all conversations which mention one’s services or products and taking the appropriate action, either by alerting the management if there are complaints or responding directly to the issue. Doing regular searches on Google, Twitter and Facebook can help in ensuring any problems with the company are dealt with promptly and professionally, without being left to fester and damage the business’s online reputation.