Promotional keyrings – a style to suit every customer

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Promotional keyrings – a style to suit every customer

Posted 19 August 2013 by Inder Brar

When choosing between the vast amounts of promotional products sold today, it can be difficult to find one which almost every one of your customers will appreciate and more importantly, use with any kind of regularity. In cases like this, promotional keyrings are a safe bet, as everyone will have a set of keys, either to their house or their car. There is quite a broad range of keyrings however and in this article we discuss some of the most common and who they may be suited for.

Plastic and foam keyrings are a big seller here at Promo Store, as their low price tag and practicality make them attractive to many different businesses; they can be used as promotional gifts at car dealerships and car hire companies, as well as estate agents and holiday cottages. They’re also great for handing out at large scale events such as conferences and exhibitions, where the business owner wants to provide everyone at the event with a small gift, without spending a fortune.

Trolley coin keyrings have become hugely popular in both Europe and the UK over the last few years; when the use of pound coins for supermarket trolleys was first introduced, many people found it difficult to remember to bring loose change with them when shopping, resulting in delays and annoyance. These simple, but clever keyrings solve the problem, and ensure that shoppers are never without a coin when they need it. As such, they’re ideal for giving to almost any customer base, as everyone needs to visit the supermarket at least once a week.

For larger corporations or businesses that cater to a high end market, leather keyrings are ideal. Leather is classic, elegant and always associated with quality, and therefore a leather keyring will make an excellent impression. The leather fobs can be embossed with a message, initials or contact details, creating an understated promotional product which will last for years. For business owners who want the look for less, Leatherette keyrings are also available and provide a chic look without the price tag.

Last but certainly not least are gadget, or novelty keyrings; these come with, for example, bottle openers and miniature LED lights attached. This type of keyring is the very definition of multi-functional, not only does it keep the recipients keys safe and organised, but it also, in the above examples, serves as a light or an opener, and of course, helps to promote your business at the same time. For organisations that are eager to make their company stand out, this type of keyring is perfect.