Promotional Tote bags – accessorise your way to success

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Promotional Tote bags – accessorise your way to success

Posted 23 August 2013 by Inder Brar

Seen on the arms of many celebrities nowadays, tote bags are now considered to be a stylish addition to any outfit. Most are made from canvas, as this material is not only durable, but also very easy to print a design on. However nylon is also favoured for its lightweight, robust properties and there are of course, many other materials used to make these practical accessories.

Tote bags have become popular not only for their stylish look, but also their functionality and eco-friendliness, all of which make them ideal for use as promotional products during a marketing campaign. With the growing awareness of how plastic, disposable shopping bags are negatively affecting the planet, more and more people now prefer to buy a durable, tote bag which they can use for carrying their groceries, and even use instead of a bulky handbag if they’re just popping out to the shop. For all of these reasons and more, a tote bag serves as the perfect promotional product, in that those who receive it as a gift will actually want to use it, particularly if it is made from a good quality material, and has a stylish, colourful print on its side.

Tote bags won’t merely benefit the recipient however; they’ll also provide the business owner who gives them out with a wealth of benefits. The size of tote bags means that any message, company contact information of image printed on them will stand out and get noticed. Unlike very small promotional products, which may get lost in the office or remain inside a drawer most of the time, a tote bag will be used regularly, and is an item which is highly visible, which is crucial in order for the promotional product to be effective.

You can use tote bags as part of any marketing campaign, as they’re incredibly versatile; however they are particularly suitable for any retail businesses using an eco-friendly angle, as they are reusable. Because they’re so affordable and easy to print up with a design of your choosing, business owners can choose to use seasonal-themed totes as well, with for example, red and green totes during the run up to Christmas, or black and orange totes for Halloween. To add even more ‘oomph’ to a campaign, these totes can also be filled up with smaller promotional goodies, such as branded sweets and pens.